The Sacred on a Woman’s Terms — Part 2


To be removed from experiences of the sacred, even the Divine, because of definitions, limited/limiting beliefs, even disbelief only harms us.

There are as many ways to pray (all equally valid, beautiful, and worthy) as there are people.

  • What if you experienced “spiritual communion with God or an object of worship” through your articulated expression of adoration, deep love, and respect?
  • What if you confessed the things that sadden you about your own behavior, your self-talk, your lack of self-love, all that breaks your heart in our larger world?
  • What if you expressed (and expressed and expressed) your thanksgiving? Would you ever stop once started?
  • What if you articulated all that you long for, your supplication to the Universe, to Spirit, to God/dess, to Love itself?



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Ronna Detrick

Ronna Detrick

I work and write on behalf of women and their re-visioned stories — past, present, and future. Stories told and lived on our own terms. As it should be!